In the eMan Innovations fund, we invest in two to three new projects per year. The fund can also invest in projects from other technological sectors in 2022, if the investment committee decides.


More than ever, the events of recent years remind us of the importance of minding our health, avoiding stress, and regularly enjoying peace and rest. Zenplanto has duly entered the eMan Innovations fund. They are engaged in the production of CBD products, including growing plants in their own halls using hydroponic systems and the latest LED lighting techniques. The entire growing process is carried out exclusively using organic products, leaving no toxic pesticides or other harmful substances in the cannabis. In addition to the Czech market, Zenplanto wants to enter the broader European market with its products.


The Repeato mobile platform connects musical instrument teachers with their students, increasing the efficiency of the overall learning. Whether it’s a piano or a guitar, the most important thing is to practice playing constantly. Through the application, students can immediately share their progress while practicing at home and do not have to wait for a face-to-face meeting. Quick feedback from the teacher motivates students to learn and improve independently.


A smart solution for intelligent and economical lighting control systems. This Brno startup offers a wireless solution that can be fitted into new or old buildings (so-called retrofit) without the need for complicated and expensive renovations. Their aim is to offer intelligent lighting management and energy savings for commercial and administrative buildings, shopping centres, car parks, warehouse and industrial facilities, and sports venues.


Safer crossings in cities, towns and villages. This Brno-based project offers innovative road signs that actively monitor events in their surroundings and give warning signals in the event of a collision risk. The signs can be installed at pedestrian crossings, ramps on main roads, stop signs and confusing intersections in towns, or around schools and playgrounds. The principle is that the sign registers an approaching vehicle and verifies whether pedestrians are moving in the vicinity, in which case it triggers an optical warning signal.


This Prague startup is developing a project for an electronic doorbell and personal doorman. The system connects the user remotely with the visitor, who can be admitted into the apartment. Or with a courier, who can only enter the main doorway, where they can leave the delivery. It is also possible to communicate with facilities of a company reception area, family house or driveway gate. All this is done securely, from anywhere, and without revealing any personal data.


Czech modular houses that can grow. They are scalable and adaptable as the homelife of their users changes. It is possible to start with one module and gradually add more, according to the number of household members and their needs. Thanks to the supporting frame and stainless steel ground cover, the modules are light, solid, and practically indestructible. Up to two floors can be added to the ground floor; barrier-free modules as well as solutions for living on water are also available. And the best part: development and production takes place completely in the Czech Republic.


From idea to product – this is the motto of this Brno-based company that concerns itself with the design and production of electronics. They manage the whole process from design, research and development through prototyping and 3D printing, to piece and small batch production. The company offers solutions such as mobile Wi-Fi, camera systems, LED lighting, a battery charging system using photovoltaics, and a system for controlling the tact on conveyor belts. The products are supplied by other companies from within our Savee portfolio.


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